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This is a project to create a place where we can give some durable *visibility* and *accessibility* to the plans and activities that sustain and enliven frontyard.

A number of us have described issues with a lack of transparency and accountability for the labour, energy and time that goes into reproducing frontyard week to week. There is also a difficulty is holding onto threads of projects, or in passing them on to one-another.

One idea for an intervention is to create a public place where tasks and activities of all different kinds can be logged and elaborated on. People can get a sense of who is doing what, what has happened in the past, and how things get done. We hope that important conversations can take foothold from these accounts of what happens.

A number of possible online tools were discussed, but we returned to the idea of the fy wiki, as an aspirational digital-yard of sorts. Directing more energy here has a number of flow on benefits in other kinds of documentation, sharing and elaborating that can happen.

The main idea is a page Category:Projects that can host lists of projects, organised in different ways. Category:Projects is a category page, which can have subcategories, like Category:Active Projects, opening up a lot of ways different people can organise these ideas.


  • [x] Create a 'projects' page. Done, see Category:Projects
  • [x] Create a page to describe this project as the first example. Done, you are on the page.
  • [x] Add a few more known projects as a way to test this out more.
  • [ ] Share this idea with the fy community to get feedback and gather participants.
  • [ ] Add more projects and work out the next steps.

Project Participants

All welcome :)

Current participants: