Queering Accounting (Nick McGuigan/Alessandro Ghio/Thomas Kern)

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Associate Professor Nick McGuigan, Dr. Alessandro Ghio (Monash Business School) & Thomas Kern (The Accountability Institute)

What would a queer perspective of accounting look like? Can heteronormativity in accounting firms be disrupted? How could Queer theory act as a positive force for change in professional service firms?

The Queering Accounting artist-in-residency sets out to playfully investigate creativity, innovation & leadership of LGBTQI accountants through social intercourse, dinner party conversation, public events, future-oriented discussion and visual storyboards.

The identification of potential sources of leadership, creativity and innovation capabilities of LGBTQI people can support organisations to incorporate the challenges of the current fast-changing economy and society, challenging the current heteronormativity present in many professional service firms.


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