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We encourage you to visit Frontyard before making a booking enquiry, attending an open door dinner, or reading group for example. See our upcoming events list.


Workshop space for meetings/events/launches/workshops: Free (unfunded orgs/individuals/by donation events) or 100/hour or 300/half-day (funded orgs/individuals/any event with door charge) Getaroom A&B: Free (unfunded orgs/individuals), 4% of grant funding (funded individuals/groups)

All spaces based on availability.


Workshop: 30 people Library :10 people Getaroom A: 1-2 people Getaroom B: 1-3 people


Who has to pay?

An individual or group who is funded externally (e.g. through a grant that includes venue hire) or operates on a for profit basis is charged at above rates.

An individual or group who collects fees from participants or from people attending an event or workshop is considered ‘for profit’. These rates are negotiable on a booking-by-booking basis; if it’s more than you can pay, please talk to us. We want the space to be accessible for use, and also encourage people to support it. We're open to suggestions and value transparency and mutual aid.

Not for profit and free events are requested to alert attendees to Frontyard’s green donation box and funded-by-community model where our monthly bills and supporters are listed at the front entrance to the building. Suggested donation for attending an event at Frontyard is $10. Monthly bills can be supported through electronic transfer to our bank account.

Do I have to sign a contract or agreement?

Yes — an MOU will be sent to you via e-mail as confirmation of your booking. This document includes our terms and conditions of your hire and must be signed and returned to Frontyard before you commence your first booking. You will also need to arrange an induction to use Frontyard the first time around, please book a time with us over email in the week leading up to your event.

I need some time to set up for my class, do I need to consider this when I book the studio?

Yes — as the times you book indicate the moment you step into the building until the time you step out. This helps us make use of the shared spaces most efficiently.

How do I pay for my hire?

You will be issued with an invoice via e-mail that will have our EFT. You need to pay for the session at least 24 hours before the booking. We do not accept cash/cheque payments.

How do I get access?

On your first booking a Frontyard janitor or resident will open the facility and induct you into the space. Here they will issue you with a code for access to the space you book.

Do you have Internet access in your studios/workshop?

WiFi is available at no charge.

Other equipment available

We have 3 big tables, about 20 assorted chairs, 2 small gas heaters, projector (bring your own adaptors), small kitchen with 2-burner electric cooktop, glassware, cutlery and flatware, picnic blankets, cushions, edible garden, outdoor space, library.

Contact us with any other questions by email.