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SecuriTea & Cookies is an occasional opportunity for a free and frank look our digital rights and personal data trails over a tea and snacks.

If you have questions about practical steps you can take to safeguard your confidential data & private communications or want to know what your rights are in the digital domain; this is a space where we can learn from each other. Discussion is often followed by opportunity to get hands-on together with a small group action such as getting away from default settings for browser cookies or opting out of data collection together, and then practical help with privacy friendly tools. BYO device if you want help checking your settings or using new tools. Suitable for beginners and tech-heads alike. Events will be posted in the calendar as they are scheduled. Resources from the sessions will eventually make their way here to the wiki. You may wish to check dates on resources from previous events, so you know how old the information is when making your own privacy and security choices!

Discussion topics and resources

Digital rights and privacy in Australia

Opting out of MyHealth record

Background links

Some recent relevant news: