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FRONTYARD Summer School

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6pm - 8pm - What is Web Scraping? How does it work? When is it useful?
=== Monday, 19th Nov ===
==== 6pm - 8pm 7:30pm - What is Web Scraping? How does it work? When is it useful? An open presentation and discussion ====Organiser: Luke Bacon 
Web scraping is a really handy way to collect lots of data off the web. Ever need to check the same website again and again to check if something’s changed? Need to collect lots of ephemeral documents? Want to create a little software to do that manual, repetitive labour so you can do something more interesting? Web scraping can help. Web scraping is the basis of most activist software projects and plays an increasingly important role in activism as more government information goes online.
=== Tuesday, 20th Nov ===
'''5pm - 8:30pm - Hands on introduction to web scraping workshop (6 spots left)'''
Organiser: Luke Bacon
Following Monday night’s presentation, this workshop is for those who'd like to learn how to write a web scraper themselves. It's a great introduction to programming, so if you've interested in learning some

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