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  • ...d on a [ digital ocean] droplet - managed by [[Benjamin Forster]] on behalf of Frontyard. If you need to ssh into the server to acc
    2 KB (334 words) - 18:08, 2 July 2018
  • ...ary]] collection. We estimate that there are about 900 items in the boxes. Benjamin has been through all the boxes, but there's no general knowledge or documen Benjamin made a [[book of the photos taken of the items as part of the cataloguing p
    5 KB (813 words) - 23:16, 11 March 2018
  • A book browsing session live annotated by Benjamin Forster and Melissa Ratliff  ==== 2pm - 6pm Alternatives, Maybes, A Peer to Peer Web Workshop with Benjamin Forster ====
    14 KB (2,235 words) - 18:42, 28 November 2018