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There are 6 archival boxes of “ephemera”, spineless works as Benjamin Forster has described them, in The Frontyard Library collection. We estimate that there are about 900 items in the boxes. Benjamin has been through all the boxes, but there's no general knowledge or documentation of what these items are. They have not been catalogued. The boxes currently live inside the library vitrine.

On the 27th, September, 2017, a small group at Frontyard kicked off a process to create a catalogue of these ephemera items.

In mid-October 2017 some of the people who gather at Frontyard went on an off-yard excursion to maintain a ‘Frontyard table’ at VOLUME 2017: Another Art Book Fair at Art Space in Wolloomooloo, Sydney.


We need to set up some backup system of our catalogue and the item cover photos. Sending them over to the Internet Archive using something like morph.io could be a good solution.