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Julia Bavyka made her first fictional institution - the Mlаden Stilinović Study Centre. Mlаden Stilinović (1947-2016) was a croatian conceptual artist and passed away only a few days ago. He was interested in language and in its relation to ideology, in ideas of work coming from socialism and capitalism. He was systematically dealing in his artwork with "big subjects" like pain, death, poverty, work, food, and money. In 1993 he wrote [PRAISE OF LAZINESS](http://monumenttotransformation.org/atlas-of-transformation/html/l/laziness/in-praise-of-laziness-mladen-stilinovic.html) exploring his thoughts about the different understandings of laziness in relation to an artist in East and the West, and years before he made a series of photographs of himself lying in bed with the title Artist at Work.

The installation is in Getaroom B open to the public from Thurs. Jul 28 to Sun. August 7, so people can come in and explore it. There will be some documentation of his artwork, information about him, biography, some printed texts, maybe some cakes - all in an aesthetic which for him was typical: "cardboard design" - improvised, which suits the idea of a fictional institution.