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Art therapy and existentialism... “The Existential Creative Experience Project”

AK Counselling and The Creative Experience will be working on developing an Art Therapy Program that looks at the Existential givens including, freedom, isolation, death, meaninglessness and anxiety.

Mixing these themes and different art mediums a program will be developed to explore these Existential givens in a creative and safe space.

“Individuals have a tremendous capacity for self-healing if given the proper environment” Natalie Rogers.

Come visit, connect, inspire or be inspired. Help shape this project and get it off the ground. Lets bounce around some creative and wonderful ideas.

Would love to hear your feedback and philosophies to fuel this process. Stop by and visit – come and say hi, have a cup of tea, be brave and try an Existential Art Exercise, keep me company.

Saturday 25th February from 8-11am or 3pm-6pm Sunday 26th February from 4-7pm Tuesday 28th February from 8-11am Thursday 2nd of March February from 8-11am Saturday 4th March from 11-2pm