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Sound Laboratory__Did you know all the best electronic music was made in winter? For one week, electronic artist Bridget Chappell will dial up a sound laboratory at Frontyard. This open workshop of audio experiments will showcase different electronic music technologies and encourage participation, inquiry, learning together, and the discovery of incredible new sounds through experimentation. With a focus on skilling up queer, non-binary & women musicians, anti-musicians, musos-to-be, everyone’s invited to come handle a bunch of gear, make a huge racket, & ask/answer questions on everything you ever wanted to learn/unlearn about electronic music but were too shy, broke, or bro’d out to ask.

Bridget Chappell is a musician who performs solo as Hextape, as cellist of the Melbourne Squat Orchestra, & with post-punk band Fallow Ground. She runs the Winter Sound School at Hotshots in Melbourne & spends most of her time hoping someone else will bring up synthesizers so she has an excuse to talk about them more.