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Eden's residency at frontyard from 20 August - September 1st allowed her to put together and run two workshops aimed at creatives focused on the neglect of objects as a part of her honours year major project. One anchor text has been Kennedy's Ontology of Trash, it has prompted thoughts about the nature of things we throw away. Eden's workshop 'Talking Trash' uses generative design and play to facilitate a space of contemplation. Frontyard was an excellent space to bring thoughts and outcomes together.
"Talking Trash is a workshop.
 It prompts participants to think about the neglect of things. 
It’s a step towards a less wasteful world. Each participant is given a set of prompts, some for reflection and some for discussion. Draw, Sort and Build are playful ways to offer a space of contemplation. Each activity is designed to slow down, to rethink what the object means and where it sits in the world. It might even unlock new possibilities - ones that remove the trash label in their mind and replace it with something a little more caring. Building typography as an example not only gives objects a way to literally speak but helps us meditate on what they might say if they did. Designers have power. 
We have the ability to intervene in this proliferation of trash. 
So, why don’t we?"