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I was in residence (in Get A Room B) from Monday 30 July to Sunday 5 August, 2018. The purpose of my residency was to have a bit of space to breath before the opening of my solo exhibition (titled All Or Nothing) on 8 August 2018, at Chrissie Cotter Gallery (CCG), Camperdown. During my residency I hosted a 'Typing Pool', where I looped long strips of paper between two typewriters, and invited people to simultaneously type with me. Some of the results of the Typing Pool were stream of consciousness poetry, a collection of responses to the question What Would Jarvis Do?, and a simultaneously typed meditation on the concept of Hanging Out, which turned out to have several correlations. The participants in the Typing Pool were Anwen Crawford, Dexter Fletcher, Angel Gill, and Tim Ungaro (and myself). The results of the Typing Pool were exhibited in, and became quite central to, the CCG exhibition

I spent a portion of each day during my residency writing whatever thoughts came to me while I was in the space. I ended up typing up these thoughts and including them in the CCG exhibition, too. Below is an extract from this writing. You can read the full text on my blog (titled 'Care of').

"The first thing I did when I got in was wipe down the chalk wall with a damp cloth. For a few minutes, while it was wet, the wall was restored to deep aqua, but as it dried the white residue of chalk dust clouded it again, growing in patches like an algal bloom across the surface of a bright lake. By wiping down the wall I discovered that I am about as tall as anyone else who has wiped the wall - I can just reach the top of the top-most line of chalk dust. Now that this act of procrastination, or perhaps initiation, is out of the way I can start."


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