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"There are many Frontyard stories – the nature of the space is such that none should be given any precedent above any other" --(Bacon et al., 2019)

Our History Harvests Project aims to collect, document, digitise, and make publically accessible the many Frontyard stories that have grown from this community. It does this by hosting a series of open discussions or 'history harvests' that invite people to share their stories, memories, experiences, and ephemera related to Frontyard and its space at 228 Illawarra Road on Gadigal land. The stories, sounds, objects, and images shared during these discussions are digitally recorded. These are the 'fruits' of our harvests. We upload these fruits to an ever-growing publicly accessible online archive that -- we hope -- will nourish and plant the seeds for future generations of community members at Frontyard and beyond.

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What is a History Harvest?

A history harvest is a method for co-creating historical narratives by inviting community members to share their lived experiences, family stories, photo albums, keepsakes, and other ephemera with researchers and fellow community members. Researchers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln developed history harvests to conduct a "people's history" of the oft-overlooked communities of the American Midwest. Check out their resources at

This project is supported by a 2023 Inner West Council Community History Grant.