Improve the wifi in the Library by moving the router into Getaroom A

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We're hoping to improve the wifi signal across the building. Right now there is very limited signal, if any, in the Frontyard Library.

One issue is that the NBN box got installed into the absolute corner of the building (south east corner of the workshop room), the farthest spot from the library. The Wifi router is currently next to the NBN box.

The wifi signal was good in there before when the router in Getaroom A.

If we buy a long ethernet cable, we could run that from the NBN box, attached to the wall, all the way to Getaroom A.

See the thread for this project in Slack.


  1. [x] Work out how long an ethernet cable is needed. 20m? 30m?
  2. [ ] Purchase a cable, probably cheapest from MSY.
  3. [ ] Get some system for clipping/attaching the cable to the wall so it's safe and tidy. See what Bunnings has.
  4. [ ] Disconnect the wifi router from the NBN box, and move it to GetARoom A (the room with the bathroom).
  5. [ ] Run the long ethernet cable along the workshop wall between the NBN box and GetARoom A.
  6. [ ] Connect the ethernet cable to the NBN box and the Wifi router.


All welcome, but let others know in Slack that you're jumping in on a step.

Steps written up by Luke.