Leah Landau

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"An estimated 90 percent of quotes on major exchanges [in the stock market] are canceled. Many were never intended for execution. Instead, they are placed to test the market, to subvert it, or clog the system. They are there to front-run larger orders, confuse competing algorithms, or arbitrage across markets. The algorithms test norms for their indispensability and in an algorithm, .0001 cents matter.” — Artist, Sarah Meyoha

I am interested in fluid networks within temporary economies and assuming a kind of plasticity and non-governance myself. Decisions and strategies that led to the big flash crashes of the recent financial crisis reveal a weasel's thinking game. The perception of value in the stock market is made up of perspectives that intersect at different points in time and space, with new ideas of values being created. I'd like to use these ideas as a way to re-tool my conceptual vocabulary and maybe make a dance.

I'd like to have a night of letter writing and talking, you are welcome to come along - TBA when this night is.