Nicholas McGuigan and Thomas Kern

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Associate Professor Nick McGuigan (Monash University) and Thomas Kern (The Accountability Institute) joined forces in 2015 to establish ‘The Accountability Institute’ - a progressive, forward thinking educative space for creating new forms of transformative learning. The institute’s vision is to develop a holistic language for reporting and decision-making that extends beyond money. To achieve this we aim to foster collaborations between art, science, technology and economics, bringing these fields into conversation to create a new language – a language of accountability. With this vision in mind we aim to redefine business and accounting education for new generations of responsible decision makers, provide a platform for innovative business and accounting educators, and bring holistic visioning and development to accounting educators, professional bodies and standard setters.

During their Frontyard residency they will be exploring the edges of professional accounting and business services through an interaction with art. Through the use of creative design principles and a focus on the theme of accountability they aim to explore the social constructivist nature of accounting, attempting to vision the future of accounting and the accountant.