Radio Insomnia

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Radio Insomnia is an invitation to listen with insomnia, rather than against it, for productivity. Drawing on radio as a medium with its qualities for fostering social relations, and night-time as an intimate space for listening, we aim at developing radiophonic devices for night communities.

Radio Insomnia is interested in the political and poetic forces of waking at night, whether by constraint or by choice. Our starting point is that in the extractivist model of our late capitalist society, sleep is depoliticised: unproblematized as a resource for productivity, which is part of a very normative and synchronized schedule driven by labour and moral values.

Created by and for sleepless bodies, Radio Insomnia was born of the collaboration between curator Anabelle Lacroix and artist Nicolas Montgermont.

Featuring: Sisters Akousmatika (Julia Drouhin & Pip Stafford), radio cegeste, diffusion fm (Hethre Contant & Jon Panther), ∏-node, Frances Barrett, Robert Curgenven, Debris Facility Pty Ltd, David Goren, Will Johncock, Tetsuo Kogawa, Tom Melick, Tom Roe, Æther Varia, and Matt Warren with Sally Ann McIntyre & Dani Kirby.

Round table discussions, quiet, durational performances. Tea and snacks provided. 228 Illawarra Road, Marrickville – All welcome.

This event is associated with AMPLIFY: STORY, RESISTANCE, RADIO, an exhibition at Tin Sheds Gallery.