Salazar Quas

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Salazar Quas is a multi-disciplinary artist currently based in Canberra, Australia. His work in collage focusses his interest in the visual imagery implemented and exploited in contemporary advertising and promotional platforms. Where collage as medium is traditionally a revival of classic, antique and rare imagery into contemporary contexts, Salazar Quas prefers to use current imagery that is used and exploited within the marketing and advertising industry to influence today’s consumer society. The works ultimately comment on the graphic design culture, the advertising culture, and the visual motifs borrowed by these cultures to appeal and influence the mainstream via nostalgia, sensuality and a little philosophy. The works are paper and entirely free of digital intervention. The residency at Frontyard shall see Salazar Quas produce 6-10 Collage works depicting imagery related to events in the city during this period, and titled ‘JAN 2017 SYD (series)’.

Additionally, Quas shall arrange the first of a lecture series titled TEOK. An acronym for ‘The Edge Of Knowledge’, TEOK is based on a model founded in Basel (CH) under the same name and encourages lectures from selected individuals about their chosen obsessions. This will be the first TEOK event in Australia.