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Digital working bee

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When [[the Frontyard Garden]] needs an overhaul, trees tree trimming, lawns lawn mowing, windows window dusting; there is a [[working bee]]: people . People get together for a day of labour on whatever needs doing, be it maintenance or new projects.
== Activities ==
* experiment with setting up a Frontyard account on [ a new social network like Mastodon]
* setting up a digital lock box for managing and sharing the passwords to [[Online services used at Frontyard]] (probably with [ KeyPass])
* work out a more efficient and transparent way for Frontyard to manage email
== Saturday, 30th June 2018 ==
The first Digital Gardening Bee will be on from 10am - 4pm, Saturday, 30th June, 2018.
Come along to learn some new skills, hang out in the garden, help tend Frontyard’s wiki, catalogue the Library, or anything else that needs doing. The garden needs some work too, so this is now a Digital Gardening Bee. You can You’re welcome to come and work on the garden, or move between the garden and digital tasks.
Feel free to some arrive late or drift in and out through the day.
=== What to bring ===

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