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Public Documents

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making a new page that contains the MoU with information about Frontyard, for residents, events organisers, librarians, gardeners and digital worker bees.
This page is dedicated to our public policy documents. These documents are all evolving and Frontyard welcomes your input.
* '''[ [Frontyard Memorandum of Understanding|Memorandum of understanding]]''' <blockquote>This is the document that describes the frontyard vibe - or ethic. We ask new residents and event hosts to agree to this before getting involved. We don’t want to have a lot of “rules” per say, but need a bare minimum to make it clear that although we are a radically open space, we also do not tolerate violence, racism, sexism, or any intolerance, and that as an space with minimal infrastructure there is no one to clean up after you. This is an evolving document and welcomes your input.</blockquote>
* [ Frontyard library collection policy] <blockquote>An evolving document that describes Frontyard's approach to collecting when the lacking physical space to expand.</blockquote>
* '''[ Risograph policy]''' <blockquote>Frontyard has a Risograph machine – donated by the lovely [[Tom Blake]]. So as a consequence frontyard have been slowly trying to figure out what the best way of managing the temperamental old beast is. This is a work in progress policy for the conditions of use. We would welcome your thoughts and feedback.</blockquote>

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