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Independent events at Frontyard: Link to our new rates sheet page
You can use Frontyard for your events, meetings, performances etc. .
It's a good idea to get to know See our main article on the space and people who gather there firsttopic, ideally by doing a [[Residencies|residencyBooking Space + Time at Frontyard]]. === Rates for space hire $$ === For unfunded events/projects we ask that organisers suggest that their attendees make a $5-10 donation towards the space (there's a box near the door). For funded projects, we're open to suggestions. One model is the donation approach plus 3-5% of the funding. Other groups have just made it a round sum like $100 or $300. We want the space to be accessible for use, and also encourage people to support it. We're open to suggestions and value transparency and mutual aid.
== Non-cash Assets ==

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