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The projects and research we’re interested in:
* contribute contributing to our neighbourhoods* agitateagitating, facilitatefacilitating, and nurture nurturing collaborations between people * work working towards a more resilient, independent community* create creating and articulate articulating possible futures
By taking up a [[Residencies|residency]] or by hosting an event at frontyardFrontyard, you are committing to maintain “The Vibe” and caretake the space in a respectful way that make others sharing it with you feel safe. We want to create a community where people are free to be themselves without judgement or discrimination, regardless of sexuality, age, ethnicity or ability. Spaces are not safe simply because we designate them as such – it requires the combined efforts of us all. There are going to be times when each of us make mistakes. These mistakes are opportunities to learn from each other, and grow as individuals and as a community. Some things to consider:
* Respect people’s opinions, beliefs, and differing points of view
* Respect the Space itself and the fact that it is shared with many
Frontyard’s [[monthly open house events]] are where open conversation takes place with the community. If you are a resident at frontyard Frontyard and one of the open house afternoons are on during your residency period, it would be appreciated if you could be there.
== Independent events at Frontyard ==

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