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FRONTYARD Summer School

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Add some initial sessions for the summer school
* cooperatives
* renters rights
* investigating local development
=== How to's ===
* bulk cooking
* low energy/cost ways to keep your apartment/room/house cool in summer/heat waves
== Sessions / Schedule, November 2018 ==
=== Monday, 19th Nov ===
==== 6pm - 8pm - What is Web Scraping? How does it work and when do I use it? ====
Web scraping is a really handy way to collect lots of data off the web. Ever need to check the same website again and again to check if something’s changed? Need to collect lots of ephemeral documents? Want to create a little software to do that manual, repetitive labour so you can do something more interesting? Web scraping can help.
This is an open presentation to explain what web scraping is, when it's useful and when it's not.
This presentation is for activists, designers, researchers, and anyone who works with information online, and will be followed by a hands on workshop on Tuesday for those who want to learn the practice themselves. Even if that's not for you, it's great to know what's possible so that you can collaborate with someone who does want to do some scraping in the future.
Luke has done lots of web scraping, to collect development applications from councils, find out who's profiting from WestConnex, collect and archive pollution monitoring data, and more.
=== Tuesday, 20th Nov ===
'''5pm - 8:30pm - Hands on introduction to web scraping workshop (6 spots left)'''
Following Monday night’s presentation, this workshop is for those who'd like to learn how to write a web scraper themselves. It's a great introduction to programming, so if you've interested in learning some
You will write your own web scraper using the Ruby programming language, to collect data from the web.
This workshop is limited to 8 spots, please RSVP to Luke Bacon at , or on the [[Slack|Frontyard Slack]].
What to bring: a laptop, note book, something to snack on.
* Step by step tutorial to set up your laptop and write a scraper
* Helpful resources for web scraping in Ruby
=== Thursday, 22nd Nov ===
==== 6pm - late - Open Door Potluck Dinner ====
=== Thursday, 29nd Nov ===
==== 6pm - late - Open Door Potluck Dinner ====

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