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FRONTYARD Summer School

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==== 6pm - late - Ignoramus Anonymous ====
Ignoramus Anonymous is a support group for the ignorant (i.e. for anyone and everyone). The hour-long meeting is a space to ask questions, without necessarily looking for answers to them. It is a space to talk about your ignorance and receive support from one another present, with a form of pedagogy taking place in this support. You are welcome to bring something to discuss, but feel no obligation.
RSVP not necessary, but for more information email:
=== Thursday, 22nd Nov ===
=== Sunday, 25th Nov ===
'''Morning & Evening Sessions:''' Open to proposal
==== 2pm - 5pm - Sunday afternoon chess ====
Casual games of chess on a Sunday. Nothing more, nothing less. If you have never played - come and learn how.
RSVPs not necessary.
=== Monday, 26th Nov ===
=== Sunday, 2nd Dec ===
'''Morning, Afternoon, Evening Sessions:''' Open to proposal

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