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FRONTYARD Summer School

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In many ways FY is already an informal school - a space for teaching, learning, thinking, making and sharing knowledge. The FYSS is simply an experiment in temporarily changing the cadence and timings of what already happens at FY. What happens when we concentrate?
== Attending ==
Most sessions are open to everyone, so feel free to show up and spread the word :) A few sessions have limited spaces, and require an RSVP.
RSVPs will be managed by the organiser of the sessions, so contact them using details below, or through the [[Slack|Frontyard Slack]] chat room.
Session organisers should make it clear that their session requires an RSVP by adding something like "(RSVP required)" to the title, or "(fully booked)" if the session is full.
== What would you like to learn? What would you like to share? ==

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