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FRONTYARD Summer School

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2pm - 6pm Introduction to Peer-to-Peer Sharing
'''Morning, Evening Sessions:''' Open to proposal
==== 2pm - 6pm Introduction to Alternatives, Maybes, A Peer-to-Peer Sharing Web Workshop with Benjamin Forster ====More information coming soonThis workshop will be a practical introduction to Beaker Browser. Beaker Browser is a new web browser for the peer to peer (P2P) web - think Chrome or Safari but for the P2P web. Are you asking yourself, "What is the P2P web"? This workshop will answer that question - but maybe its an escape from the capitalist fuck trap which is google/amazon/facebook. This workshop is for anyone interested in publishing on the web (including writers, visual artists, musicians, sound artists, bloggers, or anyone on social media). Bring along your computer. You will learn how to install and use Beaker Browser to create and share content. Together we will build a small temporary P2P network at FY, sharing content between ourselves in constellations. We will also learn how to connect our private networks, with each other and the mainstream internet. Spaces limited. RSVP to
== Reflection / Critique ==
What worked? What didn't? How might this change in the next iteration?

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