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Welcome to [[Frontyard]]'s [[|wiki]]. It has been started as a way to begin collectively archiving and collating the knowledges that circulate Frontyard[[frontyard]]. This wiki is open to the frontyard community. You're encouraged to contribute to the wiki and create new pages. Get in touch with one of the janitors via [[slack]] or email and they'll make you an account.
'''A few places to start reading:'''
* [[Frontyard|About Frontyard]]* [[Booking Space + Time at Frontyard]]* [[:Category:Residencies|Residencies]]
* [[The Frontyard Library]]
* [[The Frontyard Garden]]
* [[:Category:Residencies|Residencies]]
* [[Frontyard Memorandum of Understanding]]
* [[Public Documents]]
* [[Publications]]
* [[Booking Space + Time at Frontyard]]
* [[FRONTYARD Summer School]]
'''New to contributing to wiki?'''
Just go for it. This is a space digital garden for you to create whatever you want to see.
If you need a hand getting started, ask anything you like in the [[Slack|Frontyard Slack]]—we're all learning this together.
If you want the official manual, consult the [ User's Guide] for information on using the wiki software.

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