Transfer domain name to an account owned by frontyard's email address

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Frontyard's domain name,, is currently registered with one of the founders and former janitors. It's time to renew it and seems like a good time to move it to a new domain hosting account owned by the main frontyard email address.

The background to this and discussion has been happening in the Frontyard Slack.


  • [x] Set up a new domain registrar account with , which Name Cheap as they're pretty solid and reliable and that's what Luke is most familiar with.
  • [x] Save the account credentials, including 2FA, to the Janitor's password manager.
  • [x] Transfer the DNS records from the old domain, minus the unused Mailgun records.
    Using and a screenshot of the old records, the ones to copy are:
Type  Host        Value
A     * 
A     @ 
MX    @           10
A     @ 
A     @ 
A     @ 
A     lib
A     library
A     wiki
  • [x] Initiate the domain transfer
  • [x] Fill in new domain owner details in Namecheap.
  • [x] Check for any public records of the old info@ email address and remove them.
  • [X] Confirm completed domain transfer and everything is still working.
 * It appears that the library related domains that were Ben's projects don't run anymore, so those could likely be removed from the DNS records in the future.

People involved

  • Luke B
  • Clare C
  • Benjamin F