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The Frontyard wiki, this wiki, was inspired by the Lifepatch wiki. Luke Bacon and Alexandra Crosby visited Lifepatch in December 2017 as part of a research trip into Java based independent libraries and neighborhood commoning projects.

Who gets an account?

Who gets the keys to the wiki? This wiki is open to the frontyard community. Access to the wiki works on the same basic as access to the space. You need to sign the Memorandum of Understanding.

Configuring the wiki installation

This wiki was hosted on a digital ocean droplet - managed by Benjamin Forster on behalf of Frontyard. If you need to ssh into the server to access the actual files that make up the installation, you'll find the files at /var/www/html/mediawiki.

The installation was later moved to SL's server on Opal Stack (see the wiki).

Backing up this Wiki

This is the research completed at the digital gardening bee 30th June 2018—it is yet to be implemented:
1. Use mysqldump to make a backup 2. You’ll want to save to a different filename every time, e.g.
nice -n 19 mysqldump -u $USER --password=$PASSWORD $DATABASE -c | nice -n 19 gzip -9 > ~/backup/wiki-$DATABASE-$(date '+%Y%m%d').sql.gz
You can skip the “nice -n 19” parts of this command, but the useful part is the date.
3. Test that the backup works
I’m not super clear on how to test.
4. Passwords are hashed and salted, so it’s probably ok. Use scp/sftp to copy, e.g.
scp wikifile.gz remote.server:~/backups/
5. You can put all that in a batch script and then use crontab. See